Members & Contact

Contact address: Email


Emma Boswell (UK), Chair. National Co-ordinator for the Sense Usher Service at Sense. Email


Nadja Högner (Germany), PhD, Deputy chair. Project management and head of the Departments for Rehabilitation/Counseling/Deafblind Assistant Qualification, German institution for the Deafblind gGmbH, Hanover, Germany.


Bettina Kastrup-Pedersen (Denmark), Contact person concerning issues about children. Educational consultant at Center for Deafblindness and Hearing Loss, Aalborg.



Constance Watters-Miles (USA), PhD, Contact person, Research assistant



Karen Wickham (Australia), Contact person and Chat forum administrator. Social worker at Senses Australia.


Tatiana Bagdassaryan (Russia), Communication officer.


How to become a member of the Usher Network

If you would like to be a member of the Usher Network, please provide your e-mail address to the contact person.